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Apply for the free MELES summerschool in July in Bulgaria now!

The project „BOT-Learning as a modern teaching method of GEN Z (MELES-BOT)“ will hold a summerschool (in English language) which will take place in Bulgaria from July 18-29. Students and former students of all faculties can send in their applications now.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email with your application including a short description of your business idea/motivation as well as a short CV to johannes.goeckeritz@uni-leipzig.de. You can find more information about the project on https://smile.uni-leipzig.de/2022/06/meeting-des-meles-bot-projektes-in-veliko-tarnovo.

All expenses (flights, accommodation, meals) will be covered by MELES. Applicants should be interested in general start-up topics since an entrepreneurship-chatbot will be tested at the summerschool. Around 25 students from the different partner countries (Finland, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany) will work together testing the chatbot. Everybody will profit from the intercultural exchange and will have a great time and lots of fun together.

For further information:
+49 341-97-33754